The managers and owners of successful companies invest in their staff’s professional development as they know that if you want a top performance from your employees, you should be dedicated to their wellbeing. Coaching has a crucial role in achieving this, believes Silvia Trifonova, founder and manager of Lead UP.

Mrs Trifonova is a certified and accredited personal and organisational development coach, ECPC, ACC, and a member of the International Coaching Federation ICF Global and member of the board of directors of ICF Bulgaria. Lead UP offers business and corporate, group and team, personal and art coaching, as well as mentorship and coaching culture.

Why is professional coaching important?

Professional coaching helps the development of everyone in the team, from the top (the manager, the CEO, the owner) all the way down. Coaching works on each of these levels and can be applied wherever development is needed. It helps our clients to fulfil faster their goals and to achieve sustainable success.

All companies can benefit from coaching. The ones with more innovative thinking actively seek this kind of help, although some managers and owners still struggle with the idea of an outsider advising them on their business. This is a misunderstanding. Professional coach doesn’t come up with ready solutions and personal opinions. If he does this, this would be mentorship and although Lead UP offers this service as well, it is always clearly defined. For the professional coach, having any knowledge of the client’s business is not required. The coach is an expert in the structure of the process and how to ask good questions to help the client get crucial insight and important conclusions. This is a partnership, in which the coach helps clients to achieve their goals via clarifying their vision, checking their projects’ stability and looking at them from a different perspective and ultimately, helping them find the best working solution.

What are the biggest challenges you help your clients to deal with?

A lot of managers struggle with staff’s motivation. Other problems are lack of leadership skills, teamwork and time-management ability, communication problems and avoidance of pro-active approach. For the success of a business, each member of the team matters. The good news is that a growing number of managers realise this and invest in their employees. The staff in the company should feel well, and I don’t mean only money-wise. When people feel comfortable at their job and taken care of, they perform to the top of their abilities. And here professional coaching can help.

How is coaching developing in Bulgaria?

Happily, an increasing number of small and mid-size companies realise the need of professional coaching, because it works and provides them with good sustainable results. Coaching is a 100 percent confidential process. That is why I believe that the outside coach secures better results. Usually, I work first with the owners or the top management, and when they see the result from the coaching, we continue with the rest of the staff.

What would you recommend to the management personnel?

Their attitude towards their employees is very important. If they want to receive 100 percent of the staff’s energy and dedication, they should respond with the same. I am talking about more than good salaries. They should support their employees and should invest in them in order each employee to feel a part of the big family a company is. By investing in their staff, owners and managers invest in their business.

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