What is art coaching: Art coaching was developed by the founder of Lead UP Sylvia Trifonova to help to get “outside the box.” This creative method offers an efficient, relaxed approach through which to connect to your inner leader and use your full potential to achieve increasingly high personal and professional goals. Essentially, art coaching uses the same operating principles as in the classic coaching with the added models of the art therapy method.

How does an art coaching session go: Together we create a space in which you can unleash your imagination and experiment freely without being judged or formatted. In an environment without any drawn frames and restrictions, without right and wrong, you have the opportunity to explore your emotions, reactions, decisions and actions to find out the patterns that drive you.

Different art techniques, coaching practices and exercises are used during the art coaching sessions. You generate alternative solutions, strengthening your creativity and vision. You discover the thoughts and beliefs that restrict you and seek to revise them in constructive ones – those that work for you.

What do we achieve with art coaching: Art coaching sessions help you develop and improve your creativity; clarify what your desires and goals are; what is your contribution in the family/team/couple and what are your responsibilities; develop confidence; learn to understand the relatives/ colleagues/partner.

Art coaching is a process of study and awareness of your inner reality and your interaction with the surrounding environment for self-knowledge, personal growth and deploying your maximum potential.

By participating in this transformative creative process, you can get rid yourself of the unnecessary patterns of behavior that do not work for you to focus on working and positive things in your life and use the resources you already have. Learn to listen to your inner voice and to trust your intuition. Awaken the artist within yourself, find your inner leader, create your reality – the way you like it.

Who can benefit from art coaching: The sessions are suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a deeper level of self-awareness and relationship with oneself, self-acceptance, harmony, inner satisfaction, a work-life balance. Transform old experiences that prevent you from finding answers, to relieve stress or just to charge yourself with positive energy.

Art coaching sessions are very suitable for working with teams – they help develop the qualities and skills necessary for a successful and productive workflow. Through the values used during the sessions we create the conditions for building a cohesive and well-functioning team with synergy in an environment of trust and mutual support.

I cannot draw: You don’t need any previous experience with any creativity or being able to draw pictures to participate in the art sessions. The attention is focused not on the final result – a drawing or a product, but on the process itself and the people involved. The important hing is what happens with you while you make your creations. The focus is on what we discover and realise during the sessions using a variety of creative approaches.