LEAD UP organises group coaching on various topics. We work individually with each participant in the group.

The common thing in all topics at a group coaching is to help raise the level of awareness, to broaden the perspective and to provide an alternative one. The group coaching develops the ability for introspection and self-analysis and encourages a proactive behavior.

The work done in group coaching sessions provokes us to look deeper into ourselves, to use our internal resources and strengths. The sessions promote the connection with one’s authenticity and helps for an open and courageous self-expressions. Your coach will support you on the road to overcoming challenges, strengthening the belief in your own abilities. And of course, the coach will help with the creation of an action plan to achieve a positive change or a desirable objective.

Information on upcoming events can be found under News or you can contact us to find out whether we can organise a group coaching on a topic of your interest.