Coaching is a modern method that works quickly and effectively. It is a highly transformative process in all areas of the personal and professional lives of people. It is an innovative approach that provides maximum development and utilisation of the potential of individuals and organisations. A sure way to achieve high satisfaction, build a prosperous business and nurture lasting success.

Coaching is a partnership in which the coach supports the customer to develop their inner potential and use it in the most effective way to achieve the objectives set in every area of life.

Coaching is a process that enables a person to look at every situation from different angles and perspectives causing deep reflection, it brings higher awareness, generates solutions, inspires new ideas, opens up new opportunities, improves effectiveness, personal performance and the quality of life.

  • Therapy – it does not heal, it does not mend, but stands on the firm belief that everyone has it in them and to deal with challenges in the best way possible.
  • Mentorship – the mentor is an expert in the field for which the customer seeks advice. The mentor shares personal experience and knowledge, gives advice. Coaches are not specialists in the respective work fields of their customers, but are experts who can help them clarify and achieve their goals in the most effective way and generate their own solutions.
  • Consulting – consultants express a personal opinion based on their professional experience and offer readily-available solutions. Coaches do neither. They help their clients reach a decision. They believe that everyone knows what is best and most effective for them.
  • Training – it follows a predefined program and the objectives come from the outside. In coaching, everything comes from the customers and their values, desires and needs. The customer is an expert in their professional and personal life, and the coach helps them expand their horizons and see things in a different light, to explore the different possibilities.
  • Friendship – coaches do not share their opinions, they are not emotionally involved, do not judge, and do not flatter. They are impartial. They are a partner who supports you on the path to success

You will find coaching useful in every aspect of life. You can use coaching for both personal and professional development. In LEAD UP we believe that a persion is one whole thing and for this reason it is difficult to isolate completely the personal issues from the professional ones and for a person to be in their best condition, one must make sure they feel good in every area of ​​their few life.

Here are some examples where we can be useful: you want to achieve your goals faster and easier; you want to develop your career or business; you want to help your subordinates grow; you need a clear vision; you want to build a workable strategy and an action plan; you are about to be promoted; you have a higher purpose that goes beyond your comfort zone; you have to make an important decision; you have a challenge that is difficult to handle; you have a problem with giving up control and delegation; you find it hard to trust people; you let your emotions run wild; you need to develop some skill; you want to improve the organisation and efficiency; you want to work in improving important relationships; you have a dilemma; you need to clarify a situation to move forward; you feel that you are doing worse than you want to; you feel tension and frustration; you want to bring clarity and calmness in your life; you need to find a work-life balance; you need more confidence; you have doubts about moving on the path that is “right” for you; you need support to overcome a difficult moment; you would like to take a new direction and you need an action plan; you need to work on future plans; you need more joy and harmony; you want to improve your quality of life;

  • More efficient and stable personal and organisational development according to the customer’s individual values.
  • Increased clarity, clarifying the direction, correct analysis, conscious choices.
  • Clarifying the client’s strengths, self-awareness, personal growth.
  • Overcoming limiting thought patterns and broken mechanisms of behavior.
  • Development and improvement of managerial and leadership skills, improving soft skills and giving constructive feedback.
  • Creating effective teams for performance excellence, fostering a sense of belonging
  • Clarifying the perspective and unlocking creativity.
  • Developing the ability to manage change, planning, setting and meeting goals.
  • Managing time and energy, the ability to focus.
  • High awareness, motivation, responsibility, pro-active approach, flexibility and adaptability.
  • Improving communication skills, productivity, and self-fulfillment.
  • Gaining more confidence, trust in one’s personal abilities and intuition.
  • Setting healthy boundaries, prioritisation ecology of mind, control of emotions.
  • Achieving inner balance, harmony, inner satisfaction and happiness.

By working with a professional coach, you get to where you want to be more quickly and more easily. You achieve more in less time. You discover how to maintain the highest possible level of satisfaction and success both professionally and personally. You get support in clarifying what is really important to you and why. You focus your vision and operate to your maximum potential. You create an action plan and consistently take steps to follow it. You find your own way to be effective, to achieve high goals and to improve more in writing your own success story.

Lead UP’s certified team of coaches with a solid professional training and extensive experience are ready to help you. To explore the benefits of coaching, we suggest you try a FREE 30-minute Skype session. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your first meeting.

An important prerequisite in choosing a personal coach is for them to be a professional and have the necessary qualifications. Ask for their certification. Ask for the course in specific coaching skills and whether they are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Ask whether toe coach has a personal accreditation from an independent professional community (Federation Association) and at what level it is. Ask them whether they are a part of any global or local professional organisations. Ask for references. Another important aspect when choosing a coach is mutual trust, so you feel that they are the right person to support you towards your goals. The most important thing to remember before you start the coaching process is that your coach will not work for you, give you ready answers and advice or to judge and evaluate you.